Fiction as Man and Man as Fiction

               AUTOBIOGRAPHY: A Self-Recorded Fiction can be found in John Barth’s 1968 collection Lost in the Funhouse.  It is a philosophical imagining of a piece of fiction having the human qualities of shame, hope, fear, and disappointment as held in the complicated relationship between parent and child, and concurrently an exploration of those complicated feelings […]

We Belong Together

You’re always going to fear appropriating someone else’s something else when creating, but that’s just one of myriad fears that conspire to discourage creativity.  You have to create in the face of everything.  That’s where the beauty of doing it resides, in not letting fear and negativity extinguish the flame searching for meaning, drawn to […]

Todd Haynes’ Carol

I saw Todd Haynes’ Carol this afternoon, a bitterly cold day, snow falling softly as I left the theater, apropos for a film set in the winter of 1952-53, featuring one of the most beautiful snow scenes I’ve ever seen, Rooney Mara’s Therese taking photographs of Cate Blanchett’s Carol in the midst of falling snow.  Whatever else […]